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Distinguishing the use of Next Friday and Friday Week 如何區分Next Friday 和 Friday week 的用法

T : Thomas  D: David


T : Hello David! How are you?

D : Good, but a bit tired; I need to turn in an assignment next Friday.

T : Oh, that’s only two days to go.

D : No, another week. It’s only Wednesday today.

T : But you said next Friday, and that in English means coming Friday. So, you should have said “Friday week” if you referred to the Friday next week.

D : Oh, I see. Friday in next week.

T : Hang on. This time you went too far. You only needed to say “Friday next week” and not Friday in next week”. I am a little short on time today, so I’ll talk with you more about how to use the preposition “in” to denote points of time and dates.

D : Righto, OK, and thanks again.


T : 嗨,David!你好嗎?

D : 一切安好,只是有點累,因為我需要在next Friday完成一份功課。

T : 噢!尚餘兩天而已。

D : 不是,還有一星期。今天只是周三。

T : 但是,你剛才說是「next Friday」。在英語裡,「next Friday」是指即將到來的周五。所以,如果你所指的是下周五,你應該說「Friday week」。

D : 明白了,「Friday in next week」。

T : 等等。今次你有點畫蛇添足, 應該說Friday next week」而不是Friday in next week」。今天我趕時間,下次再跟你談談如何運用介詞「in」去指示時間和日期。

D : 好的,再次感謝你。