譚景曦 聖母無玷聖心書院 中三若望



儘管江南的天空依然下著密密麻麻的朦朧細雨,轉出大街, 行人路上還像前幾天一樣人來人往,商業街還是一樣的熱鬧。街邊小舖的生意仍然如火如荼,因為下雨,小檔都一一拉出了招牌上的綠色簷篷,避雨的民眾都匆忙走到小店前,讓小店看起來比平時更熱鬧了。我繼續走著,心裡因久違的恬靜平和而感到無比歡欣。穿過商店街以後,便是一片空曠的大草地。連日來的烈日早已把那些花花草草烤個半死,此刻的雨,正好滿足了它們的枯竭,亦滋潤了我乾枯已久的心靈。雨下得更大了,但再大的雨也無法磨滅孩子們的熱情。他們的笑聲重新點亮了我逝去的記憶,心中的聲音叫我放下了手中的雨傘,豆大的雨嘩啦嘩啦的落在我的頭上、 臉上,沿著臉頰流進了我的心田。 


In memory of my first English Teacher

Chan Lok Ching (3 John) Immaculate Heart of Mary College


We have all met some good teachers in our life, and there must be one that you can never forget. When I was only three years old, I was like any little girls, holding a doll in one hand, and my candies in another one. One day, my mother took me to a big house to learn English Phonics. At first, I hated my mum for doing that, I even had a fight with my classmate in my first lesson as they thought that I was a rude girl. But after a serious chat with my teacher, I started to enjoy her lessons.

Time flies, and it was time for me to choose a secondary school. Thanks to her effort, I attained a really good result in English and entered an EMI school.

Once, I was told that I could no longer join her lessons, so all my tears streamed down my face. I was like being abandoned with no reason. A few weeks later, my mum told me that she went to heaven because of breast cancer. It was too late for any treatment once she had discovered that. I really hope that her family will live on her spirit, and I would never forget any single moment I had with her.

Ms Yau, thank you. I miss you and I love you.