No one knows how long the summer vacation will be for this year since there is a lot to catch up at school after the pandemic(大流行病). Everyone is facing different changes and challenges in life, students or adults. There may be summer classes throughout(貫穿)July. Gianna used to join the yearly(一年一次)summer camp organized by her parish(堂區)for the altar servers(輔祭員). Each camp in the past still brings her the best memories of all because she could be with her best friends from church, people who serve(事奉)Mass with her for a few years. Three whole days away from families, playing at the retreat campsite meant a lot to youngsters(年青人). Whether it rained or shined, each summer camp turned out to be wonderful. 

As Gianna is a longtime(老資格) participant in the Altar Servers Summer Camp, she is being requested to be the game coordinator (協調人)for this year. She is thrilled(興奮)to try because she knows the soul(靈魂)of a camp is how the games are conducted(進行). They have to be fun yet(而)meaningful(有意義). It will take her a lot of time to think of something that will work well. Also, while planning, she needs to talk with a few other coordinators on the venue limitation(場地限制) ,duration(時間), age of the participants and so on... 

Gianna takes pride in(感到自豪)being accounted(被認為)as capable(有能力). Yet, she was told that she needed to get all things planned, but there is a high possibility(可能性)that the camp cannot be held due to the Covid 19 preventive measures or availability(有空)of students who have shortened(縮短)summer holidays. This dampens her enthusiasm(潑冷水)to help. 

What would you do if you were Gianna? 
  • I'd reject to take up the post because my hard work would be wasted, which meant my time and effort would be for no use. Let someone less busy do it. 
  • I'd gladly come up with the most appropriate games. Even if the camp would be cancelled in the end, my talent is from God, doing the planning this year could keep me well equipped (裝備)to serve Him in upcoming camps or other activities.