During the school’s swimming gala, Tom had a tragedy. “Ow!” He yelled.


Our class was on a tour bus, heading west to the swimming centre. When we were on the bus, Tom was incredibly arrogant and disrespectful. “You all are losers! I’m the king and I’m the best!” It felt like I was on a bus with entitled toddlers who thought they‘re so good at English because they learnt how to spell “delicious”…


After an hour long trip from Kwun Tong to Tsuen Wan , our class entered the swimming centre as participants of the competition. “Oh my god!” There were around 2000 spectators, all staring at us. I immediately felt the pressure and was extremely stressed as I knew that a small mistake would make me embarrassed for hours. Tom on the other hand, was a different story. He was showing off his muscles to the crowd and telling the viewers how “big” his muscles were.


The swimming gala began! Everyone started to warm up while Tom was far behind, standing there. “You need to do warm-ups !” Tom’s coach said. “Shut your mouth!” Tom shouted, and just started to swim. After 10 minutes, Tom started to suffer from his leg cramps.


After Tom’s leg got better by laying on bed for over an hour, he decided to leave the swimming centre. It was probably because he feared being a total embarrassment to the audience, or that he’s actually injured. I’d pick the first option for sure.


About two hours later, the swimming gala has ended. I couldn’t have expected something better. “In third place, we got Malissa! And in second place…” I was filled with excitementat that moment, knowing it could be ANYONE. “We got… Ricky!” Still kind of sad for him because he was so close to first place though.” It was pretty surprising to hear that, as Ricky is the best swimmer in the class.


“And in FIRST place, we got Charles! Congratulations!”


As I heard that, I immediately went from excited to literally jumping off my seat and cheering. I couldn’t even imagine that happened. Oh, and I can show this off to Tom as well. Imagining his reaction, it would be hilarious.


2 days later, Tom came back with the only intention to ruin my mood. “Bet you lost” What he didn’t know is that I got a gold medal. After I showed him my medal, he was jealous and raging. He never changes.


Chau Cheuk Him Charles

St. Francis Xavier's School , Tsuen Wan  1B