This year's Dragon Boat Festival was celebrated on the 3rd of June. Traditionally, dragon boat races are held during this festive time. To help the crew to reach the finish line, a drummer beats a drum to keep the rowers in unison and to maintain morale.


A drum is a percussion instrument which is used to keep a steady beat and create a rhythmic feel in a song. What other uses does a drum have? It can also be used in ceremonies, military processions, and even to send messages over long distances.


In the mid-1800s, the phrase " drum up " appeared in the USA. Its meaning is to try to attract customers and supporters by persistent persuasion. At that time, travelling salesmen in the South kept their wares in a wooden box clad with leather. To let houseowners on a plantation know that they were coming up the road, they would drum on the box with a set of drumsticks. For example:


Her new job is to drum up business.


The teacher hopes to drum up enough students to form a swimming team.






18世紀中旬,「drum up」這個短語在美國出現。它的意思是試圖透過持久的遊說,吸引顧客和支持者。當時,美國南方的旅行推銷員把貨品存放在一個用皮革包裹著的木箱。為了讓種植園上的屋主知道他們正沿著道路走上來,他們會用一副鼓槌敲擊箱子。例如:


她的新工作是拉(drum up)生意。


老師希望召集到(drum up)足夠的學生來組成一支游泳隊。