If you look around, what types of electric lights can you see? In modern society, the most common electric lights are incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and LED lamps. Of these three, incandescent light bulbs have the longest history. This technology completely changed people's daily lives in the late 19th century and dominated the lighting industry in the 20th century.


In terms of symbolism, a light bulb often represents a clever idea because its invention was revolutionary. Thus, the expression " lightbulb moment " means a moment when you suddenly realise something or have new inspiration. For example: In a lightbulb moment, the mathematician came up with a ground-breaking equation.


However, the origin of the phrase is said to be related to an illuminated light bulb above a cat's head in a comic strip. Some scholars suggested that this figurative meaning was first expressed in " Felix the Cat " , a children's comedy cartoon created during the silent film era.


In recent decades, incandescent light bulbs have been replaced by LED lights, which are cheaper, more durable, and more environmentally friendly.




就象徵意義而言,燈泡通常表示聰明的想法,因為燈泡的發明具有變革意義。因此, 「light bulb moment」這個語句的意思是,你突然有所領悟或得到新啟發。例如: 在靈光一現light bulb moment)中,數學家想出了一個石破天驚的方程式。