We have bidden farewell to 2021 and are looking forward to a wonderful New Year of 2022. At the beginning of every year, people around the world make resolutions. However, an online survey found that less than half of people are still successful in keeping them after six months. Psychologists said that they are successful because they "get their act together" and set specific, achievable goals. 

The colloquial phrase "get one's act together" means get organised or make a plan so that you do things in an effective way. For example, 

If Tom could get his act together, he could be a marvellous footballer. 

This modern expression came into use in the 1970s, and probably originated in the theatre or film industry. The word "act" refers to the performance for a show. When actors were feeling nervous or forgetful, the director may have told them to "get their act together" so that they were ready for a performance. 

May the New Year bring faith, hope and love in your life. We wish you a year full of joy, peace and light. 

我們告別了2021年,現正期盼美好的2022新年。每年伊始,世界各地的人們都會定下新年計劃。可是,一個網上調查發現,只有不到一半的人在六個月後依然成功堅守這些計劃。心理學家說,他們之所以成功,是因為他們get their act together,並確立具體且可達到的目標。

Get one's act together這個口語說法的意思是,你要安排妥善或制定計劃,方能有效地做事。例如: 

如果湯姆可以有條有理地處事(get his act together),他有可能成為了不起的足球員。

這個現代用語在20世紀70年代開始被使用,有可能源自劇院或電影業。「Act」一字指的是演出。當演員感到緊張不安或沒記性的時候,導演告訴他們要集中心思、處事有條理(get their act together),方能為表演做好準備。


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