A lot of Catholic schools may have already started to celebrate Advent as a preparation for Christmas. The most common decorations are four candles in the wreath to represent each of the four weeks of Advent. The first, second and fourth candles are purple, whereas the third one is pink. 

While a candle implies so many meanings in Catholic tradition, its basic meaning is unquestionably light. When the expressions " hold a candle to " first appeared in the 16th century, it literally meant assisting someone by holding the candle while he worked. Before electric lights were invented, craftsmen would ask their apprentices, probably children, to hold candles close enough while they were working in a dark place. 

As holding a candle to your master is such a simple job, this phrase also means helping in a subordinate position. In modern English, this expression is more commonly used in a negative form. For example, 

David's latest story book cannot hold a candle to his earliest publications. 

She sings well, but she is not able to hold a candle to Anita Mui. 


雖然蠟燭在天主教傳統中含有這麼多的意義,但是它的基本意義毫無疑問就是光。當「hold a candle to」這個語句在16世紀初次出現的時候,它的字面意義是:你在某人工作時拿著蠟燭從旁協助。在電燈發明之前,當工匠在黑暗的地方工作,他們會吩咐學徒,很可能是兒童,拿著蠟燭靠近他們。


大衛的最新故事書比不上cannot hold a candle to)其最早期的刊物。

她唱得不錯,但是與梅艷芳不能相比not able to hold a candle to)。 

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