Fletcher comes from a devoted(虔誠)Protestant(基督教)family while he attends(上學)a Catholic school. His parents chose that school obviously(明顯)not for the religion(宗教), rather it was for the high reputation(聲譽)and the renowned(有名的)academic level(學術水平). Fletcher at times attacks some of the Catholic teachings discreetly(謹慎地). 

One time Fletcher was debating with his good friend Sassher about the term“Christians(基督徒)”He believed that only Protestants were supposed to call themselves Christians, but he sometimes heard the principal and teachers addressed(稱呼)themselves as“Christians”instead of “Catholics(天主教徒)”. He strongly felt that that was incorrect(不正確). Sassher was hoping to explain to him that as long as one is a follower of Christ, he would be a Christian, regardless of(無論)any Christian denominations(基督教派). 

That discussion somehow drove Fletcher to open up(吐出) his disagreement with Catholics over respecting Our Lady. He insisted that the Bible taught us to worship one and only one(唯一)God. He felt the practice of praying to Mary was totally out of place(不合適). 

What would you do if you were Sassher? 
  • I would tell my Protestant friend how our Church positions(擺位)Our Lady Mary and the rationales(依據)behind. I’d also tell him of all the Marian(聖母有關)apparitions(顯現)and miracles, how she loves us… If I could not convince him, I would invite him to ask any of our teachers at school, or even the headmaster. It would be so wrong not to respect the mother of God. I had to try very hard. 
  • Though I am not a mother, I could feel the bonding(關係) between Mary and Jesus. I am sure Jesus would be very happy when we respect His mother and ask her for help. So instead of arguing further, which would be very difficult, and winning a discussion would not mean anything, I would ask Our Lady Mary to soften(軟化)the heart of my good friend so he could feel her presence(臨在)too.