No one can tell me, 
Nobody knows, 
Where the wind comes from, 
Where the wind goes. 

It's flying from somewhere 
As fast as it can, 
I couldn't keep up with it, 
Not if I ran. 

But if I stopped holding 
The string of my kite, 
It would blow with the wind 
For a day and a night. 

And then when I found it, 
Wherever it blew, 
I should know that the wind 
Had been going there too. 

So then I could tell them 
Where the wind goes… 
But where the wind comes from 
Nobody knows. 

A.A. Milne once states, "No one can tell me, Nobody knows, Where the wind comes from, Where the wind goes." Wind can go from one place to another swiftly and freely, as if no one will know where it goes. However, Milne figures out that when he stops holding the string of his kite, the kite will blow with the wind. And thereby, even if he could not find out where the wind comes from, he can at least find out where the wind is heading to. For certain, we cannot take a kite with us wherever we go. Still, we are able to feel it through the rustling sound it makes when it passes the trees. We can notice it when it makes ripples on the stream. We can also get a glimpse of it when it plays with the flying leaves on the road. Do you find it amazing that the wind, to some extent, is like love, friendship, and belief? They are some things that we cannot see, but we know that they are around us and we can find their traces in daily life. Sometimes we may forget about them, yet, we are always able to notice these invisible items at the right time and in the right place. 

Rustling 沙沙聲
Ripples 漣漪
Invisible 看不見的