In my childhood, I was very afraid of darkness and water. In order to sleep well, I had to switch on a little light when I went to bed. In the year I just finished Primary 6, my parents sent me to Indiana University in the United States to attend a summer music camp where I could study and learn with around thirty students coming from all over the world. At night, each participant was allocated to sleep alone and when all the lights were switched off, it turned out to a complete darkness. At this moment, I was in a state of horror as I did not even see my fingers. During the ten days of campus life, I had learnt not only the knowledge of music and to overcome the fear of darkness as well. The word "Achluophobia", meaning fear of darkness, no longer existed in my mind. 

"Aquaphobia", fear of water also affected my childhood. Just before going to primary school, I went with some other kids for a swimming gala during the summer holidays. When all the kids were playing joyfully in the water, I was left idled on the poolside even with fully armed(全副武裝)swimming suits. All of a sudden, one of the naughty kids kicked me into the water and I immediately raised my alert to maximum level and severe fear of water then came with me. 

In the primary school I attended, swimming was a compulsory activity in PE lessons. If I did not take up this sport, my overall merits in the examination would be lowered. My parents then arranged swimming lessons for me under the tutorage of a very strict female coach(嚴格的女教練)in The South China Athletic Association. In a period of two years, I had been taught all four swimming styles namely freestyle(自由式), breaststroke(蛙式), butterfly (蝶式), back stroke(背泳)and other techniques, but most important is the coach helped me to overcome the fear of water. From her, I have learnt not only to swim but to earn a medal in the inter-school swimming contest. Frankly speaking, winning a prize does not mean that I am capable, instead it always reminds me fear is just one step behind success. 

A whole new world is waiting for you when you are eager to step out.