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Miracle at Cana

刊登日期: 2013.01.20
作者: Fr. Thomas Au 區耀邦神父  

This Sunday, the second Sunday of Ordinary time, Jesus began His public ministry after His Baptism at the Jordan. In the Gospel reading from John 2, Jesus performed His first miracle, changing water into wine. It is a well known story to us not only in its occurrence, but also the many rich meanings we can derive from it: Jesus’ power over nature; Jesus cared about even the most mundane things in our life; Jesus was obedient to Mary; we can rely on Mary to intercede for us; and so on. All these are very edifying to us because we already believe in Him as the Son of God. 

This year, the Year of Faith, Pope Benedict asks us to look at our faith with a new set of eyes, as if it were the first time we come across Jesus. What was it like to be the first disciples to see Jesus and to witness the miracles? 

Like us, each of the disciples had their own personality. Each of them had their experiences in life that shaped and shaded their perception. And now, they have just encountered this extraordinary person from Nazareth. 

From this moment on, I would change to the first person singular, “I”, meeting Jesus. John the Baptist pointed Him out to me and others. Jesus invited us to “come and see,” (Jn 1:39) and so I did. I heard Him speak at the Sermon on the Mount (Mt 5). I was impressed. I want to know more. 

Jesus brought us to Cana, not far from Nazareth. He has been invited to a wedding. He is known here, so well known that they do not mind that He brought friends. Any friends of His are friends to them. He is practically family. It is good to meet others that have known Him all along. Watching Jesus greeting people, how they love Him. The children, they run up to Him and give Him hugs. The bride and groom beamed when they saw Him. They are so glad that He finally made it to their wedding. Now that He is here, everyone that is really important has arrived. The celebration can begin. 

Mary, His mother is here. Meeting her for the first time is so wonderful. She greeted me - and each of us - as if I am her son simply because I am a friend of her Son. She asked me about my family and whether Jesus has been hospitable. She did not want me to feel left out. I already can feel that she is more like my mother. Better yet, she makes me feel that I can treat her as mother. What a graceful lady! 

An unusual thing happened; they ran out of wine. That’s probably because Jesus brought all of us along. We were not expected. I saw Mary concerned. She did not want the parents of the young couple to feel awkward, embarrassed for being bad hosts. She turned to Jesus and pointed it out to Him. What is He supposed to do about it, I wonder? He told the servants to bring Him jars of water. What for? Then, He told them to serve it. Strange. 

Stanger still, it turned out to be wine, good wine. Now, how did He do that? And why? Because His mother asked Him? Because He cares about a little embarrassment? How much more does He care for really important things? I need to pay more attention to this amazing person I have come to trust and maybe even awe. It may change the way I see things. Maybe even my life. 

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