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Warmest Gifts

刊登日期: 2013.01.20
作者: Deborah Ng  

Jane is a Secondary 2 student. Here she tells us her Christmas experience:

In early December, my classmates were chatting about Christmas gifts for our parents. Some suggested knitting woollen scarves, which would be something unique. As we chatted, I thought of those old people living on meagre means, with no children of their own.

Then, I had an idea – some woollen scarves for these old folks! All my classmates agreed.

We bought some yarn with our pocket money. During the next two weeks, those of us who knit well became teachers to those who don't. Together we knitted thirty scarves of different colours. 

I contacted a charity organisation. We paid a visit to its elderly home. The elderly aunts and uncles listened to our Christmas carols and put on the scarves with delight. They held our hands and nodded their heads with a big smile. Some said, "It's really a warm day for us." 

We found that we ran out of pocket money and time to knit some scarves for our parents! Yet when Mum and Dad saw the photos of our visit, they said that our experience was the warmest Christmas gift they had received. 

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