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刊登日期: 2013.01.20
作者: Grace Tse  

During Christmas, Tommy and his parents visited London. One afternoon, they dined at a pizza restaurant. His parents ordered a kid's menu, which included a salad, a main meal and a drink, for Tommy. Tommy read the drink menu (below), but had no idea what to choose because he had never seen the words "squash", "spring water" and "fizzy drinks" before. In the end, he chose orange juice. 


Fresh milk

Fruit juice (orange or apple)

Squash (orange, or apple and blackcurrant)

Spring water

Fizzy water (Pepsi or 7 Up)

Squash is a drink made from fruit juice, sugar and water. It is different from pure fruit juice because it contains added sugar, little fibre and must be 


 diluted before it is drunk. 

Spring water is a kind of bottled water. Nowadays, there are many kinds of bottled water available in the market such as distilled water and mineral water. You can sometimes request a glass of drinkable tap water for free when travelling in some Western countries such as Britain. 

Fizzy drinks (or "soft drinks") are called "carbonated drinks" or "soda" in the USA. Last year, the most popular soft drink brands in the world were Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Pepsi-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta. 

The term "soft drink" means a non-alcoholic cold drink in contrast to the term "hard drink" and "drink". As the term "a drink" normally refers to an alcoholic drink, what should you say when you want to offer someone a soft drink? Try to specify: "Would you like an orange juice or a glass of water?"

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