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刊登日期: 2013.01.13
作者: Janette Kit Shuen Chan  

Harrods department store is one of my favourite stores in London. It is the largest department store in Europe and probably the most famous one in the world. I am always fascinated by its size. In fact, I have only visited around twenty departments out of its three hundred departments although I have been there a few times. All sorts of products like perfume(香水), electronics( 電子產品)and clothing can be found in Harrods. I meet lots of tourists whenever I go there. According to some reports, up to almost 300,000 customers are in the shop on peak days. 

The department I love visiting the most is the food hall. It is the most luxurious (奢侈的)shopping market in the world. You can buy cheese, meat, fish, vegetables, prepared food and even ostrich(駝鳥)eggs there. As I am spoiled with so many options, I sometimes find it difficult to make up my mind as to what to buy. There are some small eating-places in the food hall. They serve fresh Japanese raw fish, oysters(蠔)and some other delicious hot dishes. 

Harrods is also famous for its window dressing. There are different themes all through the year. Each theme is presented in a very creative and attractive way. People love to take photos of them. The theme for this Christmas is Disney princesses. Ten princesses from Disney stories ranging f r om S n o w Wh i t e t o Mu l a n a r e o n display. They all wear long, elegant and fanciful evening gowns, look modern and beautiful. In fact, all their gowns were designed by top fashion designers. 

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