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The Love That Can Be Held

刊登日期: 2012.12.16
作者: Fr. Thomas Au 區耀邦神父  


 The Beautiful Mother 

By Fr. John Foley, S.J. 

The beautiful Mother is bending low 

where her Baby lies 

Helpless and frail, for her tending; 

But she knows the glorious eyes. 

The Mother smiles and rejoices 

While the Baby laughs in the hay; 

She listens to heavenly voices: 

'The child shall be King, one day.' 

All nations draw near to the manger low 

On this holy night 

Surely as shepherd and kings they come 

To know the glorious sight. 

O see the angels before Him 

Who rule the earth with their might 

Joseph and Mary adore Him 

In stillness behold the night. 

Two very beautiful songs. You can google them on YouTube. com.

To Love – what a difficult concept, let alone contemplating our God who IS Love. True love requires the partners of love to be of equal dignity. The Incarnation of God is that He who is Love desires us to share in His dignity so that He can truly love us. We, in turn, through His Grace, may be able to return that love, something we are incapable of doing on our own. This is the ultimate Mystery of Christianity and its greatest Gift. Can we simply say, “Thank you.” 

St. Leo the Great wrote: 

“Christians, remember your dignity, and now that you share in God’s own nature, do not return by sin to your former base condition. Bear in mind who is your head and of whose body you are a member. Do not forget that you have been rescued from the power of darkness and brought into the light of God’s kingdom.” 

Here are some more ironic contrasts: 

The Eternal Love not only revealed Himself to take away our sins. He became a little vulnerable child to be held by Joseph and Mary, trusting them to take care of everything He needs. Our God became vulnerable so that we can learn to be vulnerable and trust in Him. 

There was no room in the Inn for the Eternal Love. He was housed in a barn. His presence sanctified the lowly. In turn, He will sanctify us sinners. 

The Eternal Love was laid in the manger, an animal feed trough. He in turn becomes the Food of Eternal Life for us. 

The Eternal Love began His life on earth unwanted so that He can redeem us. He was sold for 30 pieces of silver and paid our ransom with His Cross. 

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

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