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Farms in Englanh

刊登日期: 2012.12.02
作者: Janette Kit Shuen Chan  

Living in London is in a way rather similar to living in Hong Kong as London is just as busy and noisy. Spending a day on a farm in the countryside brings a lot of fun and joy to me. 

I visited a farm in Dartmoor this summer with my uncle and aunt and it was a delightful experience.

When we went into the farm, we were greeted by the smell and sound made by the sheep and lambs. We brought some feeds(飼料 - 名詞)to feed(餵飼 ﹣動詞) them. It was quite a funny feeling to have an animal eating food in your hands.

Then we walked around the farm and visited some other animals such as donkeys, cows and ponies. Part of the meadow was fenced off for some beautiful deer. They graze and rest there. However, some of them kept coming to the fence to get feeds from visitors that day.

A pond is found on the farm as well. Children can catch some small fish with the nets provided.

There are some other forms of entertainment as well, such as different kinds of performances given by trained animals. There are mazes(迷宮)and towers for children to explore(探索). Cafes and restaurants serving fresh meat and vegetables grown on the farm are also available. 

A day on a farm enjoying the beautiful landscape(景色) and taking photos of the animals is a wonderful treat(樂事).

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