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In the Footsteps of Jesus

刊登日期: 2012.11.25
作者: Doris Ng  

We call the places where our Lord Jesus lived, preached and died for us the Holy Land(聖地). It is in present-day Israel, in the Middle East.

If you go to the Holy Land, which place do you wish to see most of all?

Is it Bethlehem(白冷), where Baby Jesus was born? Or Nazareth(納匝肋), where He grew up?

May be you want to go to the Sea of Galilee(加里肋亞海), to sail in a boat on the water Jesus walked. You will remember how He calmed a storm and multiplied five loaves and two fishes to feed a multitude of five thousand.

Perhaps you would like to trace His final steps on earth, along the Way of Sorrow(苦路) in Jerusalem where He carried His cross, to the site of His crucifixion. You may wish to pray at His tomb from which He rose from the dead, where now the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (聖墓大殿) stands. It will be the greatest experience of all!

One day, if you have the chance to go to the Holy Land, follow the footsteps of Jesus with faith and love in your heart; visit the beautiful churches on these holy sites, and come back full of blessings. 

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