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Number 0

刊登日期: 2012.11.25
作者: Grace Tse  

 One day, while Betty's parents were out, Betty received a phone call from a foreigner. The foreigner asked her, "This is John's speaking. Could you please tell your mother to ring me back? My telephone number is two-eight-o-three-o-five-o-nine. Thanks a lot." Imagine you were Betty, what would you write down on the notepad? Could you figure out what the letter "o" means?

In spoken English, the letter "o" is used to mean zero ("0"). When talking about the number 0, Americans frequently use the term "zero", while British people use "zero" or "nought". For example, 0.25 reads as "nought point two five".

For the sake of convenience, both American people and British people always read number 0 in a telephone number as the letter "o" rather than zero. Therefore, John's telephone number is 28030509. We can also say "o" when mentioning a year or a bank account number. When the number is repeated, English-speaking people usually use the term "double". 

Nought: 零
Bank account number: 銀行戶口號碼
James Bond: 占士邦
Code name: 代號

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