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刊登日期: 2012.11.11
作者: Grace Tse  

Children love movies. They can have a good time and expand their horizons by watching movies. While the word "movie" is commonly used in the USA, it is informally used in Britain. A movie is called a "film" in Britain. As a movie is a series of moving images, it is also called a "motion picture" in American English. 

However, a lot of movies are not suitable for children because they contain violence, adult themes and strong language. Different countries thus issue different motion picture rating systems. In Hong Kong, a "Level I" movie means that it is suitable for all ages. British and American people use "U" (i.e. Universal) and "G" (i.e. General Audiences) respectively to refer to a movie which has nothing unsuitable for children. Do your parents always take you to the cinema? American people sometimes say "to the movies" when they are talking about seeing a movie in a movie theatre or a movie house.

Despite the rise of new technologies such as computer games and the internet, there are still many moviegoers (“cinema-goers" or "film-goers" in British English) who love to watch movies on the big screen rather than TV. Many movies have been huge box-office successes in the world over the past years. Most of these movies were made in Hollywood. The word "Hollywood" refers to the American film industry that is based in Hollywood, California. However, sometimes "Hollywood" may be used in a negative way (such as "too Hollywood”) to criticize a movie for being too commercial rather than artistic. 

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Strong language:罵人話
Motion picture rating system:電話分級制度

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