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Telephone calls

刊登日期: 2012.11.04
作者: Grace Tse  

Nowadays, telephone ("phone" informally) is one of the most common appliances in households and businesses. Speaking over the phone is as important as talking to people face to face. Therefore, when you phone ("call" in American English and "ring" in informal British English) someone, you need to follow some rules of etiquette.

For example, if you phone your friend, Timmy, what should you say? You should say, "Hello, may I speak with Timmy?" If Timmy is not around, his Mum might ask your name. Then you should identify yourself by saying, "This is Molly." If you dial the wrong number, it is rude to hang up the phone right away. You should say, "I am sorry to disturb you." When you close a telephone conversation, don't forget to say "Goodbye". 

In modern times, telephones are so indispensable that a lot of us have a landline telephone at home or at work, and a mobile phone (or "mobile" informally in British English) while travelling. In the USA, mobile phones are called "cellular phones", or in short "cell phones" or "cellphones". With the rapid advancement of technology, the demand for smartphones, which include digital cameras, video cameras and internet access, has become greater than that for mobile phones. 

While mobile devices are getting more and more popular, it is not surprising that public telephones have become less and less common. In the past, we could easily find a telephone box ("phone booths" in American English) to phone our parents when we needed to get home late. Nowadays, if unfortunately we forget to bring our mobile phones with us when going out, it is quite inconvenient to look for a public telephone.


Landline telephone:固網電話
Telephone box:公共電話亭

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