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Cream Tea

刊登日期: 2012.10.21
作者: Janette Kit Shuen Chan  

When my uncle and aunt came over to England in the summer this year, they took me to Devon and said they would treat me to a proper Devon cream tea. Devon is in the southwest of England, famous for its beautiful farms and delicious cream tea. 

We planned to visit a special place to have cream tea but unfortunately we had to change our plan and that visit was cancelled. I was, in fact, rather disappointed. 

“Every cloud has a silver lining”, as the saying goes. On our last day in Devon, we made a mistake and missed a bus and got held up in a small town called Ashburton located at the edge of Dartmoor. We had to stroll on the streets aimlessly for an hour. By accident, we saw a tea room. It looked so attractive that we went in at once. It was a lovely, cosy tearoom and traditional Devon cream tea was served at that time. We had a wonderfully enjoyable and delicious cream tea there. The clotted cream and jam came from a farm in Ashburton itself and the scones were freshly baked in the tea room. 

I was also taught the proper way to have cream tea. The steps are photographed and explained on the right-hand side.

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