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刊登日期: 2012.06.23
作者: Grace Tse  

Last week we received a newsletter from our little boy’s nursery. One of the news items said, “We have arranged our 2012 Graduation celebration for the children who will be leaving us for Big School in September 2012.” The graduation will take place in late July. I suppose by this time you, as a Primary 6 student, might have received a similar notice from your own school. Are you very excited?

Graduation means that we have completed a course of academic study at a school. In Hong Kong, most schools host a graduation ceremony to celebrate the efforts they have made. What will the programme be like at your graduation ceremony? It normally includes some speeches, performances such as singing, dancing and drama, and the award of school certificates. 

After six years of primary school, what do you think are the most precious things? Friendship, good academic performance or the commitment of your teachers? Perhaps you can draw a list. I remember when we were in Primary 6, we asked our classmates and teachers to write us some lines in our autograph books. It is still well kept in my “treasure box” and has given me a lot of sweet memories. In this last article, may I congratulate you on your graduation by quoting the following poem from an unknown author:

Graduation:  畢業
Speeches: 演說
Award: 頒發
Certificates: 證書
Autograph books: 紀念冊





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