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Dressed to the nines

刊登日期: 2021.06.25
作者: Grace Tse  

How to dress for different occasions can be a headache, particularly for adults. Can your parents wear the same outfits for a wedding and a funeral? Should they be " dressed to the nines " when attending your graduation event at the end of term? 

The saying " dressed to the nines " means dressed very elaborately or smartly. However, etiquette experts advise that the dress code for a graduation ceremony is neat and thoughtful, but not excessively fancy. 

The phrase is believed to be related to the shorter one " to the nines " , which meant to the highest standards. It was found in " Epistle to Ramsay " by the Scottish poet William Hamilton in 1719. The following extract means that the beautiful lines (of a letter) that you sent me made me perfectly happy. 

The bonny Lines therein thou sent me, 

How to the nines they did content me. 

It's possible that " to the nines " originates from the Nine Muses. The Muses were Greek goddesses who gave artists, philosophers and scientists the inspiration to create. 

Soon after the graduation event, the summer holiday will begin. May I wish you a relaxing and fun holiday. 

如何在不同場合穿衣打扮可以是叫人頭痛的事情,特別是對成年人而言。你的父母可否在婚禮和葬禮穿著相同的服裝?他們在出席你的學期末畢業禮時應否「盛裝打扮」(dressed to the nines)? 

Dressed to the nines這個習語的意思是穿著非常講究或時髦。不過,禮儀專家建議,畢業禮的衣著規定是整潔、有心思,但不過分花哨。

人們認為,這個短語和to the nines這個較短的語句有關。後者的意思是最高水平,1719年出現在蘇格蘭詩人威廉.漢密爾頓所撰寫的《致拉姆齊書信》。下文的意思是,你送給我的美麗(書信)文字使我十分高興。

The bonny Lines therein thou sent me, 

How to the nines they did content me. 

To the nines有可能源自「繆斯九女神」。繆斯是希臘女神,她們給予藝術家、哲學家和科學家創作的靈感


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