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Pull a rabbit out of a hat

刊登日期: 2021.03.26
作者: Grace Tse  

A lot of us, especially children, find magic shows very entertaining. We are fascinated by the surprises and illusions created by the magicians on the stage. Which was the first magic trick that you watched? Knotting and then untying a handkerchief, making a woman float in the air, or linking some metal rings together? 

Pulling a rabbit from a hat is one of the classics in the history of magic. It is believed that Louis Comte, a Parisian performer, was the first magician who brought out a live white rabbit out of an empty top hat in 1814. 

The written record of this trick was first found in " Humorous Magician Unmasked " by A. B. Engstrom published in the USA in 1836. 

" To produce a live rabbit and a number of other articles from a gentleman's hat. " 

Its figurative meaning became well-known in the 20th century. It describes an action which is unexpected, or which is surprisingly solving a problem.

Tom pulled a rabbit out of a hat to win the debate by presenting strong arguments during the last minute.

Not only are rabbits used in performing magic, they also symbolise new life at Easter. 




To produce a live rabbit and a number of other articles from a gentleman's hat. 


湯姆出其不意(pulled a rabbit out of a hat),在最後一分鐘提出有力的論點,因而在辯論中獲勝。 


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