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Cash Cow

刊登日期: 2021.02.05
作者: Grace Tse  

The Year of the Ox is approaching in less than a week. " Good Health " and " Good Fortune " are normally the most popular Chinese New Year greetings. Businessmen, in particular, hope that there is a " cash cow " in their companies. For example, 

The online food ordering service has become the cash cow for this new restaurant. 

The business jargon " cash cow " is a metaphor for a dairy cow which produces milk endlessly and this becomes a reliable revenue for farmers. Similarly, a cash cow is a business, department or product which brings in steady income or excellent profits

Before this expression became popular in the 1970s, the phrase " milch cow " had been used in a similar way since the 17th century. The word " milch " originates from German and means " milk " . 

Some scholars claimed that the term " cash cow " was introduced by the Austrian management thinker, Peter Drucker, in the mid-1960s, to describe a business with a large market share in a declining market. However, this source of the story is uncertain. 

So, may the Year of the Ox bring you health, joy and prosperity! 

不足一星期牛年就要到來。「身體健康」和「如意吉祥」通常是最受歡迎的中國新年祝賀語。商人尤其希望自己的公司有一隻「金牛」(cash cow)。



Cash cow這個商業術語是乳牛的隱喻,因為乳牛不斷產奶,而這些牛奶成為農夫可靠的收入。同樣地,cash cow意指帶來穩定收入或極好利潤的業務、部門或產品。

在這個用語於二十世紀七十年代流行之前,milch cow這個短語自十七世紀就已有類似的用法。Milch一字源自德文,意即「奶」。

一些學者聲稱,cash cow這個術語是由奧地利管理學思想家伯多祿.德魯克在二十世紀六十年代中期提出的,用來形容某種商業在衰退中的市場擁有龐大的市場佔有率。不過這個說法的來源未能作實。



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