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Neck and neck

刊登日期: 2020.11.20
作者: Grace Tse  

About two weeks ago, the hottest topic in the media was the US presidential election. The two candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, were running neck and neck in at least four hotly contested states. The world, particularly the American people, was watching intensely while the votes were being counted. 

The phrase "neck and neck" was originally used in horse racing in the 18th century. It describes two horses that are running side by side towards the finish line and neither is clearly winning. The race is so tight that the winning horse can only overtake by the minimal margin and is often said to have won by a neck

This expression has been extended to talk about two or more contestants in various kinds of close competitions, such as car races, marathons, business deals, and scientific discovery. For example, two pharmaceutical companies are neck and neck in developing a vaccine for Covid-19. 

大約兩個星期前,媒體最熾熱的話題是美國總統選舉。兩位候選人特朗普和拜登在至少四個競爭激烈的州份叮噹馬頭(neck and neck)。全世界特別是美國人,緊緊盯著點票過程。

Neck and neck這個短語最初是在18世紀賽馬中使用的。它形容兩隻馬並排地跑向終點線,兩者都不能穩操勝券。比賽如此緊張,以至於得勝的馬匹只能以極微的幅度超前,而這往往被形容是險勝

這個說法被引申來談及在各種各樣勢均力敵的比賽中,例如賽車、馬拉松賽跑、商業交易以及科學發現,兩個或以上的競爭者的競爭狀況。例如,兩家製藥公司在研製新型冠狀病毒肺炎疫苗的進展方面不分上下(neck and neck)。 



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