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What would you do if you were Harry?

刊登日期: 2020.02.07
作者: Auntie Isa  

“Should I say less so I can do less and Mother worries less?”wondered Harry while talking to Mother. 

Harry is the eldest at home. After him, there is little Harrietta, who is five years younger. Harry always has the flair(本色)of being a big brother. When his parents are tied up(忙), he tries his best to take care of Harrietta, so as to lessen(減輕)his parents' load(工作量). 

Harry's mother will be giving birth to another child again. The new baby is expected(預產期)anytime this week. Even though there is no sign of delivery(分娩), to play safe (安全起見), she went t o the hospital to wait for the moment to come. It can be any minute, or it can take days. Mother prepared a list of things for Harry to handle. She trusts him a lot and she went over(察看)it item by item carefully. Most of the tasks are just a piece of cake (易辦的事), like bringing his own keys, reminding their helper to cook meals, checking all electrical appliances(電器)before going out. As a matter of fact(其實), Harry has been doing that a lot of times. Among all, there is one that really challenges(挑戰)Harry, that is to practise the flute(長笛)nightly(每晚)for 20 minutes with Harietta. Harry never learns how to play the flute, he actually dislikes learning any musical instrument; no musical genes(基因)at all. 

He does not want to fail his mother's request, yet, he does not want to keep a promise which cannot be carried out(履行).  

What would you do if you were Harry? 
  • If my mother did not specify the definition of “helping my sister with her practice”, I could just make sure that my sister practises for the time mentioned and my duty(責任)would be completed. That would be the most I could help and I should not clarify(澄清)too much. 
  • I'd be honest with my mother that I might not have the ability to teach my sister anything, even if she made any mistake, I would not be able to tell(知道). Still, I would be willing to help and let my mother decide what I should do with my limitation(局限) 

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