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What would you do if you were John ?

刊登日期: 2020.01.17
作者: Auntie Isa  

"I know he cares a lot about me but how I wish he could stop pushing his help on me!" 

James and John have the closest tie of brotherhood(手足情誼)at school. They like to claim(聲稱)that they are just as close as the biblical(聖經中)James and John, Jesus' beloved apostles(宗徒). You seldom see them being apart from each other. They take classes together, have lunch together, as well as going to school and going home together. 

Personality-wise(氣質上), James and John are not that identical(相同). James is the helpful type, but sometimes he overdoes(做得過分)it by forcing(強迫)his help while others do not really need it. He feels good whenever he gives a helping hand(伸出援助之手). As for John, his image(形象)means the most to him ( just as many teenagers ). He cares a lot about how others see him. Before taking any action, he always thinks twice. For instance, he is shy to offer a seat on MTR and will withdraw(撤銷)from doing so. Both of them get a little vain(自負)at times but in a different way. 

An unfortunate incident took place with John. He broke his leg over the weekend during soccer practice. Now he is wearing a cast(打石膏)and is very inconvenient. Not to mention(不必說)the daily soccer practice, he cannot even go up and down the staircase to his classroom keeping the same speed as others. Seeing him hopping around, James wanted so much to help, like supporting him by the arm(攙扶手臂), or carrying John's school bag…… James just wants to be by John's side every minute, even going to the toilet. This embarrassed(使尷尬)John by far(非常). John tried to refuse James' help, yet James insisted. The more John expressed himself, the more James asserted(堅稱)he must help. 

What would you do if you were John ? 
  • If I had expressed my needs and feeling a few times and my friend still could not get it(明白), I'd say it one more time but in a very firm manner (強硬態度). I'd carry(擺出)a stern look(嚴峻樣子)on my face and my tone(語調)would not be nice and polite anymore so as to make the other person hear me. 
  • I'd explain what my needs would be. Though crippled(跛腿), I'd need my friend to respect that I’d feel uncomfortable(不自在)to have him beside me like a nanny(保姆), that would make me feel embarrassed. I'd invite him to understand that pushing his help on me would be his need, not mine. I'd share my thoughts sincerely(誠懇地)and politely. 


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