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What would you do if you were Samuela?

刊登日期: 2020.01.10
作者: Auntie Isa  

“How can I resolve(化解)my brother's misunderstanding(誤會) against me?” 

The examination week always follows right after the Christmas holiday. For some students, they make good use of the break(假期)to study. For others, they prefer not touching on any revision till school resumes(復課). This is the same with Samuela and Samuel. Samuela is totally the former(前者)type. She plans everything in advance(預先)and schedules(安排)her time well between work and play. Samuel, twin brother to Samuela, is just the opposite. He leaves everything to the very last minute and never makes a plan. Sometimes their mom unintentionally(無意地)compares their strength and weakness which creates sibling rivalry(手足競爭). 

Samuela understands that her brother is just less mature(成熟)as a boy of the same age as her. She believes as a responsible person, she needs to try her best in everything. Whether it's school work, playing a musical instrument or a sport, Samuela puts in all her effort. She has no intention to win over Samuel at all. Since she pays attention in class, she needs to spend less time in her revision. As for Samuel, he gets distracted(分心)in class, he doesn't take notes(做筆記), and it takes him much longer time to prepare for quizzes or exams. He is very jealous of Samuela’ s success and blames himself for not being as clever. It is time to prepare for the school examination again and he is getting very disagreeable(難相處).  

What would you do if you were Samuela? 
  • I'd take no notice(不理會)of my brother at all. As time goes by, he’d be more mature and would understand that it was not my fault that I performed better than him. 


  • I'd share my schedule(時刻表)with my brother and invite him to study while I did so, so we could also have the same rest time and play time. I’d offer to walk through(解釋一遍)all things learnt because when I said it out once, it would also be part of my revision. That would benefit both of us for sure. 

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