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What would you do if you were Alicia ?

刊登日期: 2019.11.15
作者: Auntie Isa  

“Each of my belongings(個人物品)is so dear to my heart, how could I simply get rid of them! I wish I lived in a four thousand feet mansion (大厦). ” 

It's still a long time before the Chinese New Year comes, but Alicia's parents have started planning for that. They will have the house renovated(翻新)so the whole family has to move out for a few weeks. During that time, the family of five will have to squeeze into a temporary service apartment (短期的服務式公寓)of no more than 500 sq ft. Now, Mom and Dad are setting guidelines(指引)and responsibilities(責任)for each family member. Heated(激烈) discussions happened in the past few family meetings leading to no concrete(具體)solutions. 

Nobody wants to throw away own personal belongings to make room(騰出空間). Alicia has kept all her old text books and notebooks tidily as if she has a library at home. She always has a large collection(收藏)of toys. Worse, her handworks from kindergarten all the way through P.6 has each been well kept, from the size as little as a perfume bottle(香水瓶)to as big as a pillow. Alicia's parents suggested that as all these have to go one day, it's a good opportunity to clear them out now. Whenever this issue(議題)is raised, Alicia cannot hold back her tears. Each piece of item is so dear to her. Just looking at her presents received, she can tell who gave it to her at which party. Among them include tattered(破爛)story books, dried up felt pens (箱頭筆)! 

What would you do if you were Alicia ? 
  • I’d fight for my right(權利)to keep my own belongings. The renovation was not initiated(發起)by me and it should not jeopardize(危及)any of my rights. I would fight till the end. 
  • I’d calculate how many more years these objects(物件)can stay with me, till my university days, work life, or after my marriage? Things that were only dear to my heart and not usable or useful, I could take a photo or video so I’d store the memory forever. Things that anyone else could use, I’d donate(捐出), that way I could give each beloved item a higher value (價值). 

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