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What would you do if you were Tobias ?

刊登日期: 2019.11.08
作者: Auntie Isa  

" If I say yes and cook as Grandma wants, she'll be happy but that will be very bad for her health. If I keep her diet(日常飲食)very strict(嚴格), she threatens she’d rather die⋯⋯ what to do with this childlike old lady! " 

Tobias is one of the very few boys who can cook and is willing to cook for the family. Both of his parents work long hours. Though coming home late and sleeping at the wee hours(午夜後), Mom and Dad aspire(渴望)to maintain good health. Eating healthy is one of the ways to achieve that. Tobias started cooking for the family since Primary 5. Before that, Grandma would prepare a hearty meal nightly(每晚). She did not concur(贊同)that boys should be inside a kitchen. Until a great opportunity befell(降臨), Tobias didn't come to realize his talent and interest in cooking. That year he was eleven, the brother of his dad from overseas visited and stayed for a fortnight(兩星期)at their place. That uncle advocated(主張)that cooking is for just everyone, male or female, and taught Tobias many dishes. 

Not long after, Tobias coaxed(勸誘) Grandma to let him help in cooking dinner. He performed(表現)so well that eventually Grandma passed onto him the title " main chef(主廚)of the family ". Tasting Tobias' dishes has been a joy to everyone at home. 

Lately, Grandma was diagnosed(診斷) with diabetes(糖尿病)and high blood pressure(高血壓),that means she has to stay away from savoury(鹹味)and sweet food. As instructed by the doctor, she should not take any sugar or salt at all. Tobias follows closely. Now, every day she bleats about(絮絮叨叨地抱怨)the bland(淡而無味)tasting dishes. 

What would you do if you were Tobias ? 
  • For her health, I’d stick to strict cooking without condiments(調味品)and keep encouraging her that as time goes by, she would get used to that. 
  • To put a balance between mental health and physical health, I’d encourage her by having the whole family taking the same food as hers, and I’d also seek advice from my parents to see how much seasoning(調味)would be appropriate. I’d start to bring down the taste little by little. 

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