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What would you do if you were Galen?

刊登日期: 2019.11.01
作者: Auntie Isa  

"Should I do anything now ? I really don't want to miss out the intro⋯⋯" 

Galen is in the cinema with some friends right now; at long last the test week is over and it is possible to watch a movie with a few classmates, for both relaxation and celebration. The movie earns its reputation(贏得聲譽) in the gripping(吸引人)teaser sequence(片頭). Not only it is said to be a bantering(開玩笑的) one, but it also recaps(概述) events in previous episodes with stunning footages(絕妙鏡頭). It is just the highlight of the whole movie and Galen has been anticipating(期望)it for some time. 

While giggling(吃吃傻笑)and sniggering(竊笑)with his friends, the light dims(轉暗). There are some lights by the gap in between the chair and the handle getting into Galen's eyes. That draws the attention of excited Galen. Upon a closer look and an examination by his fingers, he realized that it is a mobile phone, very likely left by someone who was sitting at this very same seat earlier. 

Galen immediately recalls his bad experience of dropping his phone out of his pants at a cinema once (從前). He wanted to go in to pick it up but the staff did not let him to as the following movie started already. He had to wait anxiously till the movie was over and everyone left before he was allowed to go in and search. 

Feeling pity for the one who left his phone but at the same time not wanting to miss the most exciting part of the movie, Galen is figuring what is more important.  

What would you do if you were Galen? 
  • I would leave the phone on and if the owner called up, I would tell him the phone was safe with me and I would return it after the show. 
  • I would simply run to the nearest staff at top speed and hand him or her the phone and dash back(衝回)to my seat. A little sacrifice would make me guilt free(沒罪惡感). 

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