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What would you do if you were Alfred ?

刊登日期: 2019.10.25
作者: Auntie Isa  

" Should I stay or should I go ? Mom and Dad expect me to be waiting for them with dishes(餸菜) ordered." 

This past Sunday after attending Mass, Alfred was on his way to the parish office to fetch(接)his younger brother from Sunday school(主日學). That has been a usual routine(慣常程序)since many weeks ago. He has to pick up his brother and rush to get a table in a restaurant nearby so his parents can come and have lunch immediately after helping with selling the Kung Kau Po(公教報). 

Just a few steps coming out from the classroom, with little Alvin holding Alfred's hand tightly, he saw another boy about the same age of his brother weeping(哭泣). Alfred quickly came to give help. Upon inquiring(詢問), the boy said in broken up(斷續) sentences that he did not see his mother coming. Alfred asked little Alvin if that boy was a classmate of his, he was not sure. 

Alfred tried to calm down(安撫) the frightened child, it was totally unsuccessful. The more Alfred tried to console(安慰)him, the more panic(驚慌)he got. Then looking around, he saw no one there, the Sunday school teacher left with the assumption(以為)that Alfred was the boy's brother. 

Alfred wanted to stay with the poor boy but if he lingered(逗留), it would be hard to get a table. Everyone seemed to be coming out for lunch all at the same time somehow ! He did not want to fail what he promised his parents.  

What would you do if you were Alfred ? 
  • I would wait till someone comes for the boy and would suggest takeaways(外賣)from any fast food chains if my family could not get hold of a table to eat. I needed to set a good example for my younger brother and my parents should be proud of me. 
  • Instead of waiting with the boy, I would bring the little boy to my parents to let them know what was happening. There would be three pairs of helping hands to help locate the missing mom, take care of my younger brother as well as to get a table. Division of tasks(分工)would speed things up. 

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