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What would you do if you were Godwin?

刊登日期: 2019.10.18
作者: Auntie Isa  

Does this man really need my help? Seems that he will tumble(滾落)any second, but he didn't ask for assistance(協助). Moreover, I am in such a rush!” 

Godwin always leaves home at the very last minute for school and every morning he has to rush. First he dashes(趕緊跑)all the way from his place to the MTR station, he darts across(衝過)the street no matter what the traffic light shows. Then he races(飛馳)down the escalator, bearing the risk of running over someone. The last move is to squeeze (塞入)himself onto the train during rush hours(交通擁擠時間)when he goes to school, like many other students do. 

Now the train is arriving at the station, Godwin needs to get off. In the split of a second(一剎那), he sprints(飛奔去趕)to the escalator getting ready to rush up. But while he is hurrying, a middle-aged man blocks his way. This man does not look old at all, perhaps in his fifties. But both of his legs are so bended(彎曲)that they form an O shape. Each of his steps is slow and shaky. This man carries a walking stick and is approaching the escalator. Godwin is thinking if he should slow down to help or not. 

Wha t would you do i f you were Godwin? 
  • I would not stop to bother a man whom I would not consider(認為)as someone in great need. If he needed assistance, he would have voiced out. I would just go ahead of him to make my way.  
  • I would slow down to go after him. I would not say anything but in case he tripped(絆倒), I would be right behind to give him a hand. That might slow me down for 30 seconds, but I would be willing to do so. 

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