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What would you do if you were Jared ?

刊登日期: 2019.10.04
作者: Auntie Isa  

“Should I offer my seat to this old man or not? What if he insists he doesn't need it if I stand up ? Will I embarrass(使尷尬)him? Will I embarrass myself ? Maybe he looks old but actually runs faster than me⋯.” 

Jared is sitting inside an MTR train heading to school. His sight is focusing(聚焦)on this old man's body that is shrinking (縮細), obviously due to his age. It is very hard to tell how old he is by his look, but he does have deep wrinkles(皺紋)on his face, neck and hands, as well as sagged(下垂)skin all over. Jared is debating whether or not to offer his seat to him. 

Jared once had a very embarrassing experience while giving his seat to a needy person. That was an old lady with thin narrow shaking(震動)legs, with the look of aged eighty or more. Instead of being thanked, the old lady exclaimed(呼喊)on the top of her voice(以最大的嗓音) that she did not need help from anyone as she could still stand and hold onto the pole(杆). Jared was flustered(慌亂) and did not know how to react. He could only look away while the lady kept screaming. Obviously the lady did not want to be taken(視為)as “old and weak”, though she no doubt belongs to that category (類項). Jared was afraid he had hurt her feelings(感受). 

What would you do if you were Jared ? 
  • I would ask the old man if he would like to take my seat and respect his choice. If he’d say yes, I’d stand up. If no, I’d keep sitting. 
  • I’d pretend that I were getting off the train and loudly invite the old man to sit down so no one else would take my seat, then I’d walk away to the far end of another section(節) of the train so no one could tell I have offered seat to one I believed who was in need. 

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