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What would you do if you were Cyrus?

刊登日期: 2019.09.27
作者: Auntie Isa  

" I want to help but then I cannot be with my friends, and I will miss out on basketball practice too... should I or should I not ? " 

The National Day is just a few days away, but no one has been working on the school bulletin board. The board is still displaying(陳列) moon cakes and a bright round moon. The class teacher asked Cyrus and a few others from other forms to have it done during lunch time for a day or two(一兩日), giving a hand to the Art teacher, Mr. Mok, who is also Cyrus’ favourite teacher, as he has a keen interest (濃厚興趣)in Art. Mr. Mok has already designed the concept(概念), all the students need to help will be cutting cardboards(硬紙板), foam boards(發泡膠)and have them glued up(用膠水粘), not a heavy task at all. This will sure be a great chance t o learn something from the Art teacher. 

There is a big dilemma(兩難) for Cyrus though. If he stays to help, he cannot go out with his friends for lunch. He just reached the grade that he is allowed to have lunch outside school. This is a honeypot(極有吸引力的事) to him. Even if he is willing to sacrifice his favourite moment, his friends do not agree with him and may laugh a t him. Moreover, there is basketball practice on alternate days(隔日). If the task cannot be completed within one day, then he will have to miss out on the practice which is definitely not his wish. 

What would you do if you were Cyrus? 
  • Though I wish to help and learn something, with all the risks and sacrifice calculated(計算), I would say no to the class teacher. 
  • If my friends would laugh at me for not having lunch with them for a day or two, it would be their problem and I would seek others to be friends with. Likewise (同樣地), if they would laugh at me for helping a teacher out, they would not be the people I should hang around with. If I could only help out for one day and had to go for basketball practice, I would just state(說明)my availability. It would be a “yes” to my teacher’s invitation. 

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