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What would you do if you were Martha?

刊登日期: 2019.09.20
作者: Auntie Isa  

“If I ask her to have lunch with me, will I get boycotted(杯葛)or isolated(孤立)? Is this really a good move(一步棋)? Will she tag along(跟著) me afterwards? ”Martha was thinking to herself whole morning. 

Since school resumed(復課)after the long summer vacation there is this new girl named Shehara in Martha's class. She speaks very broken(不流利) Chinese which gives classmates the idea(令同學認為)that she has not been in Hong Kong for long. She speaks fluent English though. Her skin is dark with big bright shiny eyes, projecting(透露)a very pleasant personality. The teacher did not make much introduction of this new transferred student(插班生)and no one cares to ask due to the language barrier(障礙). Yet, Shehara's background has been bruited about(傳言散布)in many versions(說法). 

Martha has been observing Shehara for weeks. She is all by herself making no friends. As a Catholic, Martha thinks it is a good act to make friends with this lonely classmate, risky though. 

What would you do if you were Martha? 
  • I would invite Shehara to lunch with me but specify it is only for a particular day in a week, making it a regular weekly date(約會)with her and see how it would go. This would give me the final say to spend more time with her or not in future. 
  • I would ask my friends to join me to invite Shehara to lunch together so we could get to understand her better. I would honestly tell them my intention of being a companion(朋友)to someone lonely. 

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