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What would you do if you were Adelaide, Lynn or Darius?

刊登日期: 2019.06.28
作者: Auntie Isa  

Adelaide, Lynn and Darius have never been close friends at school. They happened to be in the same group of the Debating Team, and during the preparation for an interschool competition, they had a long chat for days. They found one another like-minded(志同道合)in many ways. They felt so, especially when they came across the topic of non-supportive parents. 

The summer vacation is not far away. While preparing for exams, everyone is thinking of the long holiday as well. Adelaide wants to seriously have herself trained in Thai boxing(泰拳). Lynn wants to pick up street dancing and be able to compete. Darius is desperate for some eSports(電子競技)training. All the three activities seem not to be ideal for a vacation in parents’ eyes, and should not be touched. Their parents are only willing to pay for tutorial or expensive overseas exchange programs. They only want their children to invest their time in something they think fit, without considering the kids’ deep yearning (渴望). The best way to say no is to place an economic blockade(經濟封鎖). Of course, there are numerous ways to earn money by the kids, be it a part time job at any fast food chains, or be a tutor(補習老師)⋯  

Yet with the money earned and spent on learning something parents disapprove (反對), that may bring in disputes (爭拗)and tension(張力). The gender(性別)issue is also an old-fashioned thinking. Darius being a male, it is fine for him to take boxing or street dancing classes. But he is much more interested in eSports, which is not even a sport to many. 

What would you do if you were Adelaide, Lynn or Darius? 
  • I’d show some of the most successful cases in the realm(領域)of my interest and the money they make, as well as their success stories so as to convince my parents that every trade has its master (行行出狀元). I’d ignore the opposition voice(反對聲音)and practise on my own as a die-hard(堅定不移)until I could prove my success to the world. 
  • Instead of fighting this war alone, I’d invite my teachers to talk to my parents for they must have observed my talents in some way. If no one supported me, I might reconsider if I had stepped on a blind spot. Anyway, it is way too far to be talking about a career, I was just about to take some summer lessons to test my own talent and interest so as to know myself better. I’d make that very clear to my parents to keep them from over worrying. 

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