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What would you do if you were Marco?

刊登日期: 2019.06.21
作者: Auntie Isa  

The 24th World Scout Jamboree 2019(世界童軍大露營)w i l l be taking place in the United States this July. Marco wanted so much to go for the audition(面試)two years ago but his parents have forbidden. This is a huge international camp for scouts between the age of fourteen and eighteen from all over the world. Looking at it from an arithmetic angle(算術角度), one can only attend this Jamboree camp once in a life time. Marco’s parents did not want to commit anything two years ahead, so they talked Marco out of the idea and suggested that he could go take a good look of the camp on his own if time allows(時間容許). Back then, they were afraid that spending two weeks overseas might affect their son’s tutorial sessions. Now the event is approaching, Marco has some great ideas that he has planned for months. 

Marco has arranged some online courses for summer so he can be very mobile(在不同地方)without missing a lesson. He is getting ready for a trip to Jamboree in the States (美國簡寫).To make his trip more fulfilling, he also contacted a couple of his friends who are now studying in the US to meet him up first, then the three of them will fly to West Virginia ( 西維吉尼亞州) to visit the campsite that will host thirty thousand or even more. He even worked out (計算)the budget. 

To his surprise, Marco got a red light from his parents. The only reason is that he is too young in their minds. They will get very worried and they have no relatives in America for them to call upon in case of accidents. Marco is most upset now.  

What would you do if you were Marco? 
  • If my parents were so very concerned about my studies, that could well be a bargaining chip(交換籌碼)and I could not make a concession(讓步)at all. They stopped me once for no concrete reasons(具體原因)and they could not stop me again. 

  • I would placate(安撫)them. Then I’d invite them to list out problem by problem rationally (理性地)instead of going just by their emotion, so I would have a chance to give a solution to each. I’d react most calmly to show my maturity (成熟). 

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