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What would you do if you were Mavis?

刊登日期: 2019.06.14
作者: Auntie Isa  

Mavis couldn’t wait for her birthday party to come. It’s just a week away. She has been planning it since her last birthday, a day which she was quite disappointed. The plan last year was to have a picnic with her buddies(好朋友)and it turned out to be a rainy day. This year, Mavis planned out something much safer regardless of (不管怎樣)the weather —— it’s a sleepover pajama(睡衣)party with exactly the same group of girls she invited last year. These best friends of Mavis always envy(羨慕) her loving family, especially her very supportive parents when it comes to organizing play dates for their daughter. As long as Mavis requests, they will do their best to accommodate(滿足). 

Just this morning, Mom broke(發放) bad news to Mavis. Her dad has to entertain his clients for a home-cooked meal and therefore the girls cannot gather in the same flat. Mom promised to find Mavis another venue and the party can still go on. Mavis broke into tears(淚流滿面)and could not stop weeping (泣). This will be so different from her mental picture(心裏圖像). What she had in mind was everyone lying around the sitting room watching their favourite K-pop(韓國流行曲),dancing and singing along in pajamas. They were going to put on silly makeup during cake cutting. Worst of all, her parents will not be there to cut the cake with her if they have to entertain guests at home! All the negative scenarios(情況) came popping up her mind and she did not know what to tell her friends. They have been talking about this event for twelve months! 

What would you do if you were Mavis? 
  • Instead of telling my friend such an embarrassing news that my parents sold me out(出賣我), I’d choose not to say anything for the time being. On that very day I’d pretend to be sick and call off the gathering. This way I would not have to face my friends. I could image myself crying on the event day, surely my parents would feel guilty and they would give me higher priority(優先)in the future. 
  • I’d inform my friends as soon as possible to see what other options we could have. Perhaps we could go to someone’s place for the PJ(睡衣)party. If not, we could do something else. The most important thing would be to be with my friends for some super fun. Thinking positively, I believe my parents would celebrate with me on another day, which meant I’d be having two days of fun. 

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