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What would you do if you were Caroline?

刊登日期: 2019.06.07
作者: Auntie Isa  

Miss Au, the substitute teacher(代課老師)of another pregnant(懷孕) teacher, is about to leave in a week’s t i m e . She has been extremely passionate with teaching and taking time to know each of the students. No doubt she is dearly missed by all already. During the weekly class meeting, Caroline suggested to prepare a huge farewell card for Miss Au. At first her idea was well accepted by all. The whole class discussed with high spirit as to who to draw the card, the shape, the size, how each should sign, colour pens, presentation format etc… everyone was invigorated (興致勃勃). Somehow, from drawing a card, the class decided to sing Miss Au a song. Caroline was most upset. First, she believed something tangible(有形)could be kept by the teacher at home. Every time she looks at it she will remember this loving class. Subjectively(主觀地)thinking, Caroline knew it herself that she is the worst singer of all, she cannot even keep a melody in tune (保持旋律). Now, she has to present her weakness to a teacher very dear to heart, she is most unwilling. 

What would you do if you were Caroline? 
  • I’d try my best to convince the class something tangible would be better than some intangible. Since cell phones would not be allowed in the classroom, so if singing was be opted(選), there would not be any photo taking nor recording. If my advice would not be taken, I’d refuse to sing with the group because I strongly objected(反對)to that. I could make my own little card for my dear teacher so she would remember me, if no others. 
  • I’d lip sync(假唱)with the group if everyone else would sing, so as to bring in a great team spirit. I’d also convince my class to prepare a farewell card in additional to singing. That would please the teacher and my classmates even more. There would be no need to take people with different opinions as enemies at all. First of all, I’d stay calm and let no anger arouse(激起) my emotions. 

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