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What would you do if you were Simeon?

刊登日期: 2019.05.31
作者: Auntie Isa  

Phineas suffers from brain paralysis(腦麻痺)he never leaves his wheel chair as he cannot stand on his own two feet. He followed his parents to Hong Kong after living many years overseas(海外). When he first started at this school, everyone looked at him oddly(奇特). Sad to admit(承認), even some teachers found him quite unusual and stared(注視)at Phineas out of curiosity(好奇). 

Now most of the term is over, everyone agrees that Phineas is very easy going and humorous(幽默). He can make up a great joke without smiling while delivering(說出來) it. He has high potential to be a poker-faced comedian (冷面笑匠). Classmates love to hang around with Phineas, but whenever it is PE lesson, he is always by himself. Simeon, sitting next to Phineas, has observed this for many weeks now. 

Simeon's heart melts when he sees the hankering(渴望)in Phineas’ eyes. He can tell how much he wants to participate. One time, he bravely asked the teacher if he could spend some time with Phineas by holding his friend’s hands to shoot a basketball into the ring. The teacher a c t u a l l y appreciated(欣賞)Simeon and permitted him. But there were grudges(怨聲)from the basketball team. They were supposed to practice as a match was up coming.They needed Simeon to be with them but Simeon only focused on Phineas. Simeon wanted the practise with Phineas could be longer, though not even one successful shot took place. It was impossible to shoot from the level of the wheel chair. 

In a few days it would be PE lesson again. Simeon wanted to listen to his heart and be with Phineas so the paralyzed classmate could also participate in sports. How meaningful! Yet, he knows his teammates would be angry with his act(舉動)at this crucial(關鍵)time. 

What would you do if you were Simeon? 
  • I’d explain to my teammates that winning or losing a game would not be as important as helping someone to be happy. Victory would not last long but friendship would. I would ignore my practice and do what I believe in. 

  • I’d explain the case to my teammates and suggest those not practising basketball to spend time with my sick friend. This would satisfy all parties concerned, I’d practise, others would have a chance to take care of the needy. Thinking out of the box is important. 

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