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What would you do if you were in this difficult situation?

刊登日期: 2019.05.24
作者: Auntie Isa  

Camellia is very watchful about her looks, and she keeps the healthiest diet of all so as to stay in excellent shape. She also reads a lot on the latest nutrition news(最新的營養資訊). Just started this year, she is fascinated(著迷)with the idea of body cleansing(身體排毒)by dieting for a day or two, feeding herself with water only. Since she is a top student at school and has great moral standards(道德標準), though thinking differently, her parents let her do what she believes best fits her needs. 

Lately a tragedy(悲劇)took place at home. Castellar, elder sister of Camellia who is already working, is diagnosed(被診斷) with anorexia(厭食症). Everyone thought that her slimming down was due to workload and the flu(感冒)that has bothered(纏繞)her for months. Castellar has always been an introvert(內向的人), so it was hard to tell whether she is happy or upset. She is always quiet, so quiet to the extent(到某程度)that no one knows if she is home or not. Yet, one time she fainted(昏迷)and was sent to the hospital in an ambulance, thus revealing(披露)her sickness. 

Fretting out(極煩躁), the parents of the two girls blame Camellia for reading too much on unreliable(極)nutritional new findings. They blame her for many more other behaviours like not eating desserts after dinner, eating fruit before the main dishes, not eat the fat from a piece of pork belly, and of course, the unheard of(聞所未聞)body cleansing diets. Out of worry, they kept a finger pointing(矛頭指向)at Camellia. 

How a little girl could have so much effect on a mature person, thought Camellia. She suspects her sister may be facing challenges at work. Or she may have broken up(分手)with her boyfriend who has not shown up for some time now. Anyway, Camellia feels very sorry for Castellar, but she is taking all the blame on behalf of her sister’s illness. 

What would you do if you were in this difficult situation? 
  • I’d sure tell what I suspected so my parents would have a clearer picture of what was going on. Not only to stop them from blaming an innocent(無辜) person, they could also better manage the emotions of my sister. 
  • It would not be an appropriate time to argue right or wrong. I’d try my best to maintain harmony in the house and let my parents air out(發洩)their frustration. In front of my sister, I’d eat anything my parents wished me to. It would be just a little sacrifice on me, and after all, what they offer would not kill. 

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