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What would you do if you were Byron?

刊登日期: 2019.05.17
作者: Auntie Isa  

Byron loves eating a lot. His loving parents have been feeding him, actually too well. They keep watching the son’s intake of nutrients(營養的攝取)all the time. With his plump (胖乎乎)face, chubby cheeks (飽滿面頰), and his chunky (矮胖的)body, he is being labelled fat. This hurts his self-esteem(自尊心)very much. He hates it when classmates call him names(起花名). In order to hide his true feelings, he smiles brightly and makes fun of himself when people tease him. He simply has no clue how to live like a normal healthy kid. 

Byron tried different methods to slim down(減肥). He seldom munches on snacks(吃零食)or any unhealthy food. That doesn’t help. He jogs (緩步跑)in the evening with his dad after dinner. That also does not help. Eventually, his parents brought him t o a dietitian(營養師)and a very strict diet was recommended. Still, that does not help. It was l a t e r f o u n d o u t t h a t h i s chubbiness(圓胖)is genetic (遺傳), which has nothing to do with eating habit. 

The consultation report(諮詢報告)surprised everyone. On the positive side, Byron is as healthy as anyone else. But then if there is no physical problem, how can he solve his emotional problem ? Listening to the dietitian going through the report findings(解釋報告內容), his heart sank deeper and deeper.  

What would you do if you were Byron? 
  • Being born corpulent(過胖)could not be my mistake, and if anyone would take me as an eyesore(看我不順眼), there would be nothing on my part to help. We could as well not be friends at all. I could not stop them from calling me names but I would refrain from extending my friendship with those people. 
  • Stout(肥胖粗大)and fubsy(肥胖)doesn’t mean messy. I’d train myself to have swift reactions(反應敏捷)and perhaps pick up one or two sports that let me excel(超越)with my body shape, e.g., figure skating (花式溜冰)or becoming a jockey(賽馬騎師). Being in a low centre of gravity(地心吸力) would be a gain.

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