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What would you do if you were Andrew?

刊登日期: 2019.05.03
作者: Auntie Isa  

Andrew and Angelo are two brothers who fight like cats and dogs(爭吵不休)as far as their memory goes. They can fight over anything big or small. They fight over who uses the toilet first, who helps (or does not help) Dad with the weekly car washing, who sits closer to the TV during dinner… they are never in harmony(和諧). Mom and Dad have basically given up(放棄) on them and turn a blind eye(假裝沒看見), no matter how loud they scream at each other. 

Last week was the worst of all fights ever happened. Both Andrew and Angelo g o t t h e i r c e l l phones confiscated(沒收)for it was close to the test week. They have been warned numerous times that they should not be over-using Whatsapp. Without their cells, the landline telephone became so important that they fought over the usage day and night. At one point, while Andrew was on the phone for about half an hour, Angelo went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife pointing at Andrew, threatening (恐嚇)his brother with all the bad words one could think of. Andrew was intimidated(被嚇住)and let go of the phone. Since then, they have not spoken a word till now. There is not even an exchange of eye contact. Without knowing what took place, their parents find the situation very enigmatic(費解). None of the two wants to tell when being asked. 

Obviously Angelo’s fault seems bigger, but deep down Andrew’s mind is that he is an accomplice(幫兇)too. If he has not pushed so hard on Angelo, would Angelo be so mad? He wants to reconcile(使和好)but doesn’t have a clue how to reach out.  

What would you do if you were Andrew? 
  • I’d make an impartial(公正的)list of the wrong deeds both he and I had committed before and request him to sign if he would agree to it, then I would start talking to him again. 
  • Instead of saying anything, I’d do something for my brother so he would feel my sincerity (善意). For example, wash the car for him or leave his favourite seat to him during dinner. These actions speak louder than words. 

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