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What would you do if you were Kaityln?

刊登日期: 2019.04.26
作者: Auntie Isa  

Kaitlyn is selected by her teacher to represent(代表)her school for a Chinese writing competition. She was most thrilled but then she did not receive much help from her teacher. She wrote a few drafts(初稿)but was not satisfied with her own work. The teacher only said it would be fine as long as she had tried her best and did not take a look at all. There are actually a few weeks to go before the submission deadline. Kaityln shared her difficulty with her mother, who seemed to be more concerned(關注)than Kaitlyn herself. Her mom suggested getting a tutor to help give some pointers (指引)in writing, since her own Chinese level is quite limited(有限). Kaityln was pleased at first. Yet, after a few lessons, Kaityln found the tutor too demanding(要求高)and not letting her to have any freedom in writing style, he even changed a lot of her standpoints(論點). In the end, it might be perhaps a well expressed article but was totally done by someone else. She g r a d u a l l y h a s a n unscrupulous(不道德) feeling. The tutor is quite expensive and her mom spent a lot of effort to get hold of a time slot(時段).

What would you do if you were Kaityln? 
  • I hadn’t asked anyone to be my ghostwriter(槍手)so I would just submit the final draft which was originally written by me. Writing technics(技巧)and viewpoints were polished(改善) by tutor and me, so it would still be my work. I probably would have learnt a lot during my private lessons. I might be writing in the same style in future. 
  • I would tell my mother my uneasiness(不安)with the tutor and double check what the brief(任務介紹)was from my mother to him. Perhaps the tutor got a wrong impression that he had to try his very best to help me win in the competition, which would just be opposite to my need. I would also tell him my preference on the time we would spend together. Communication must be two-way even with someone I respect a lot. 

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