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What would you do if you were April?

刊登日期: 2019.04.12
作者: Auntie Isa  

April got her name because she is an April baby(四月出世的). Before, she used to like her name a lot since it reminded all of her friends that it was her birthday month. She also checked on the Wikipedia(維基百科)that girls born in April are the smartest, funniest and hottest. Of course this is something not to be believed, still she liked the idea very much. She always made fun of herself by saying that her parents had almost named her March as she was born on 1st April. 

Things changed drastically(大大地) after she was promoted to the secondary section. April does not like to be named after her birthday month anymore. Her schoolmates make fun by calling her the April Fool Girl, which carries much negative connotation (貶意). Worse, a few even force her to treat them to snacks at recess simply because of her name, with the weak justification(理據)that April needs to celebrate for one whole month. 

This is of course unfair but there is no improvement year after year. The group who bullies April gets bigger and bigger. Now it is the mid of April already, still, every now and then classmates will ask April to buy fish balls or fried noodles from the canteen. If she buys too little, there will not be enough to share and they will tease her a little. If she buys enough, she will not have enough money for lunch. April is aggrieved (憤憤不平)but dares not t o disclose(透露)to anyone, not teachers nor her parents. 

What would you do if you were April? 
  • I would just change my name and there would be no more silly excuses to force me to treat anyone. Everyone has a birthday month, why aren’t others bullied in the same way? It must be the name that caused all the troubles. 

  • I’d let my classmates know that one bite of noodles for each or just one fish ball for a group would cost some money that eat into my lunch allowance(零用錢). I’d ask them to stop asking me for food. They might not have realized my monetary difficulty(財政困難)and had no intention of bullying me. If having heard and they kept their behaviour unchanged, I’d go to the class teacher to seek help. 

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