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What would you do if you were Etienne?

刊登日期: 2019.03.29
作者: Auntie Isa  

Etienne is so lucky to have a grannie who loves cooking for the family. Cooking is considered her only chore(家務)and joy. She spends the whole morning roaming(漫步)around the market thinking of new dishes to please everyone. More, she particularly focuses on Eitenne’s appetite(口味)because he is her only grandson. Seeing this grandson enjoys her food, Grannie smiles from within. 

Etienne has been refraining(戒除)from taking (吃)meat every Friday since Lent(四旬期), but doing so upsets his grannie, who is also a Catholic. This is only the fourth week and there are a couple more to go before Easter. At first, Etienne did not notice Grannie’s concern(憂慮)until she verbally raised her worry. She finds it hard to believe that vegetarians(素食者)can also have a balanced diet(均衡飲食), no matter how Etienne’s parents keep convincing(說服)her. She is most worried about her grandson because he is not yet an adult and not taking meat for a whole day will affect his health badly(嚴重地).

What would you do if you were Etienne?  
  • I’d try to dig out some more information to convince my grandmother my simple abstinence(齋戒)would not affect my health. I’d tell her to put more trust in God for if we sacrifice for Him, He would protect us. 
  • If my act would make my grandmother upset and worried, I could always fast on other things to make up as a penance(自我克己)in Lent. I could fast in many things such as gossiping(閒話), grumbling(抱怨), gaming(打機), eating chocolates, or even getting off one stop before my usual bus stop… I’d believe God would just be as pleased and at the same time, my grandmother would be a happier person too.   

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