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What would you do if you were Gladys?

刊登日期: 2019.03.22
作者: Auntie Isa  

Not too long ago the class bulletin board was done with the theme of water pollution(污染), a topic in Geography. Since Easter is approaching(將近), the class teacher wants to have a new theme. At Christmas, the students were divided into two groups and had a heated argument on the design; the matter was a tough row to hoe(大難題)for Gladys, the class prefect. This round, the argument is between the students and the RE teacher. 

Sr. Lee is a very earnest(認真)teacher in Religious Education. Students mostly like her but also find(認為)her a little old-fashioned at times. Practically speaking(實際上說), a bulletin board design does not need any permission(許可)from any teachers, as long as it is done, all is fine. To everyone’s surprise, Gladys was called on by Sr. Lee to have the board re-do so it focuses more on the real meaning of Easter. As a matter of fact, the board has not been completed. All posted up are some colourful Easter eggs only, the bunnies have yet to be put up. 

During lunch time that very day, the class held an urgent meeting. Students were quite upset to re-do the bulletin board. First, they think all the work done earlier would go down the drain(前功盡棄). Secondly, they believe their freedom has been trespassed(侵害). Now they refused to take action and plan on a protest(抗議). Gladys doesn’t know how to lead her classmates and of course, she wants t o appease(平息)the disagreement between the teacher and the class.  

What would you do if you were Gladys? 
  • If I were the monitor, of course I’d need to earn trust from the class that I could be a reliable representative (代表), and at the same time, not getting myself into trouble. I’d tell the class teacher and let her handle the case. 
  • As a go-between(中間人), I’d intervene(調解) the dispute(爭端)by explaining to the teacher how Easter eggs symbolize(象徵)new hope and new life, which would most match the Easter theme. I’d also suggest adding in a more religious line so both parties could be satisfied with the minimal(最小)changes. 

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